Legend of Zelda Icons

The Legend of Zelda Icons
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This is a community where any Zelda-lover can post or request livejournal or messenger icons, bases, screencaps, moodsets, or even fanart. This artwork can be from ANY Zelda game.

If you are posting more than 3 icons, please put them behind an lj-cut. Please post anything that is not PG-13 or under behind an lj-cut with an advisory title. If you are posting non-icon art, please also post this behind an lj-cut.

Any artwork is welcome here, no matter how bad you may think it is. Remember to respect everyone's art, and no stealing. Please state if you are just posting art to show us, and you don't want anyone to share it. If you do not say anything, we will assume it is free to share with credit.

If you share someone's art, please credit in your keywords or other places. Also, please do not hotlink (steal their bandwidth, intentionally or accidentally) unless they say it is okay. In all other cases, right click on the image and save it to your own hard drive, then upload it from your own computer in your "manage user pictures" section.

Also, if you use someone else's fanart in your icons or other creations you post here, please credit the artist, or at least give the url where you found it if you do not know who created it.

If you would like to see something added or modified in the userinfo, please post it.

No flaming. If you flame, you will get one warning, and then you will get cut.

Please have fun here and thank you for joining!

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